Electrical Safety Within Schools and Colleges

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image1Bardo Electrical Ltd, have completed numerous projects involving electrical installation for new builds, refurbishments and classroom extensions. We have years of experience within the education sector including work for schools and colleges, where health and safety is a priority. We are proud to be frequently contracted to complete electrical projects within these establishments include wiring, lighting, circuits for appliances, fire alarms and emergency lighting. LED replacement lighting is a major part of our work, which is also instrumental in substantial savings for clients.

Our flexible service allows us to work directly with schools and colleges or alongside other contractors and initiatives. Working closely with our clients in design and installation specification development, enables us to ensure a higher degree of accuracy for each outcome. This working relationship is fundamental to things like lowering costs, cutting out needless repetition and reducing the likelihood of mistakes due to lack of communication. We use Amtech Cable and Lighting Design software to produce comprehensive working drawings, meaning exceptional attention to detail. All of this has led ultimately to consistently excellent results and client satisfaction.

The importance of regular planned and unplanned inspection and maintenance of electrical applications particularly in educational facilities, cannot be underestimated. Sockets, lighting and other parts of the electrical system can suffer from tampering or accidental damage, sometimes without being evident. Bardo recommend and provide condition reporting and fixed periodic electrical inspection and testing for the safety of all concerned.

These measures are not only advisable but required by law, and non compliance brings stiff penalties. Of course it is a wise precaution for staff to visually inspect any appliance or device prior to use. If they observe any damage, loose or bare wires, missing parts, overheating, odour of burning or unusual noise, the object should not be used until a professional inspection can be carried out.
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