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bardo The electrical industry has always welcomed technical innovation and development, and the team at Bardo Electrical Ltd, are no exception. Always keen to improve our clients experience, our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of concept to completion electrical services. Among our many customers, we work with many high profile retailers nationwide, designing and building a variety of packages to suit the specific needs of each.

A new mobile friendly website created by SEO specialists Autus Web Design and Marketing will allow us to provide online visitors with a fast, streamlined experience. We are committed to supplying engineered solutions within set time and budget limitations following close consultation. Our partnership with a major international lighting manufacturer has seen us carrying out a significant amount of installations for high end clients in places like Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster.

For clients within the office environment, we deliver full Cat A and Cat B electrical installations with additions like lab or training facilities included. We also carry out a comprehensive service for leisure service customers with electrical and mechanical fit outs. Our residential work includes working closely with developers on projects involving installation of LED lighting, fire alarms, nurse calling systems, BMS control, panic attack systems and TV and satellite. We also complete work externally such as dynamic car park and feature lighting. We use the latest systems, and have a finger on the pulse awareness of required standards within the technical side of the construction industry. At Bardo Electrical we are proud to work extensively within the education sector, where we are renowned for our high quality service and cost savings.

As with many reputable electrical contractors, health and safety is a priority at Bardo, and our Safety Health Environment and Quality [SHEQ] Policy ensures that appropriate training is high on our list for management and staff. This is in addition to a number of other health and safety certifications and memberships such as SAFEContractor, NICEIC, Constructionline. Eurosafe and ECA. Call us on 01302 755 810 to discuss your project.

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Powerful Stuff!

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albertdock 2Electricity is an intrinsic part of our lives, and means light, power, versatility and convenience, in fact imagine a world without electrical energy. The Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus discovered static electricity [first called ‘electricity’ by English scientist William Gilbert in the 17th century], and this dynamic energy has fascinated us ever since. There are lots of awe inspiring facts about electricity and its power, such as a single bolt of lightening could light 100 powerful lamps for a whole day, or make a few hundred thousand slices of toast!

Man has harnessed and learnt all about the endless possibilities of electricity, and it is utilised and depended upon in just about every walk of life. Despite our reliance on electricity, it has surprisingly only been widely used domestically and commercially for around 100 years. The role of electricity is altering, as we discover innovative methods of generating renewable power. This involves the use of technology like air source heat pumps, solar cells and wind turbines, which use natural resources to produce electricity.

Along with our familiarity with and accessibility of electricity, we also of course need to treat it with respect, as we all know the dangers it can present. When having any electrical work done, it is crucial to find a reputable company to avoid any problems. It’s a good idea to check whether or not they are accredited or certified by industry bodies such as NICEIC, as this is often a good indicator of a professional, credible and reliable service. Bardo Electrical Ltd, are NICEIC, Safe Contractor and Constructionline approved, CHAS and ECA accredited and Trust Mark endorsed. These factors involve regular assessment as an assurance that strict safety standards, and codes of practice are being observed by properly qualified electricians.

Give us a call to find out more about what we offer on 01302 755 810

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Electrical Apprenticeship Scheme

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image2As a forward thinking company, we at Bardo Electrical Ltd place great value on education, and believe it is important to provide an active apprenticeship scheme. These schemes have significant benefits for both the apprentice and the employer, especially within the electrical trade where experience and knowledge are crucial. Training in this way is seen as a valuable way to hone practical skills as opposed to simply learning the theory. When it comes to electrical work, no two jobs are the same, and there is no realistic substitute for being able to observe certain skills in practice, and to watch how a professional handles different, even tricky situations along the way.

Apprentices have the opportunity to earn a wage and get paid holidays, they benefit from training on the job and learn particular skills. They will also gain a qualification which is recognised nationally and by the industry. Apprentices will eventually be versed in aspects including completing installations, carrying out inspections, electrical systems testing and commissioning, working with appliances, devices and equipment. These processes will cover a range of applications within the commercial, industrial and retail arena.

This kind of personal development opens up a number of exciting career prospects, not to mention the financial rewards associated with becoming a fully certified electrician. Bardo Electrical Ltd, hold ECA Warranty and Bond certificates, and our staff training and development provision is constantly monitored by the Electrical Contractors Association. This organisation plays a major role in promotion and training within the domestic and commercial electrical industry, upholding rigorous standards in the field.
The team at Bardo Electrical Ltd welcome enthusiastic individuals who show commitment and a willingness to learn, and are proud of our reputation in this endeavour.
To learn more about services available from Bardo Electrical Ltd or our apprenticeship programs visit our website or call us on 01302 755 810

Electrical Apprenticeship Schemes, Nationally & Industry Recognised Qualification, Electrical Contractors Association Monitored

Electrical Safety Within Schools and Colleges

Electrical School Maintenance, Contractors for Commercial, Retail & Public Sector Electrical Building Services, South Yorkshire

image1Bardo Electrical Ltd, have completed numerous projects involving electrical installation for new builds, refurbishments and classroom extensions. We have years of experience within the education sector including work for schools and colleges, where health and safety is a priority. We are proud to be frequently contracted to complete electrical projects within these establishments include wiring, lighting, circuits for appliances, fire alarms and emergency lighting. LED replacement lighting is a major part of our work, which is also instrumental in substantial savings for clients.

Our flexible service allows us to work directly with schools and colleges or alongside other contractors and initiatives. Working closely with our clients in design and installation specification development, enables us to ensure a higher degree of accuracy for each outcome. This working relationship is fundamental to things like lowering costs, cutting out needless repetition and reducing the likelihood of mistakes due to lack of communication. We use Amtech Cable and Lighting Design software to produce comprehensive working drawings, meaning exceptional attention to detail. All of this has led ultimately to consistently excellent results and client satisfaction.

The importance of regular planned and unplanned inspection and maintenance of electrical applications particularly in educational facilities, cannot be underestimated. Sockets, lighting and other parts of the electrical system can suffer from tampering or accidental damage, sometimes without being evident. Bardo recommend and provide condition reporting and fixed periodic electrical inspection and testing for the safety of all concerned.

These measures are not only advisable but required by law, and non compliance brings stiff penalties. Of course it is a wise precaution for staff to visually inspect any appliance or device prior to use. If they observe any damage, loose or bare wires, missing parts, overheating, odour of burning or unusual noise, the object should not be used until a professional inspection can be carried out.
Give us a call at Bardo Electrical Ltd for further information about the services we offer.

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Bardo Electrical Ltd – Building Services Contractors

Welcome to the Bardo Electrical Ltd blogsite. Over the coming months Bardo Electrical will use this site to post updates, ideas, and celebrate successes. Keep an eye out for news from our friends in the industry and feel free to share with us news of you own.

Bardo Electrical Ltd are one of the leading lights in the electrical services industry. We are experienced electrical contractors who have served our customers in Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire for over 25 years.

Bardo Electrical have built our success on a number of key factors.

  1. Expertise. From the very beginning we have invested heavily in recruitment and training. We employ qualified and experienced electricians. Our supervisors are trained specifically in site management skills, and we have a dedicated electrical installation design team, skilled in the the development of technical specifications for electrical installation. And with a view to the future, we have one of the best apprenticeship schemes in the industry.
  2. Partnership. Bardo Electrical work with our customers to meet all of their expectations and often exceed their requirements. By working closely with our clients, the Bardo Electrical design team develop tailor-made installations that reduce contract times, lower project costs, and give our customers exactly what they need.
  3. Competence. Our electricians, managers and technicians are fully compliant with all health & safety requirements. We are┬áNICEIC approved contractors, CHAS accredited, CDM competent, and members of the ECA – the Electrical Contractors Association.
  4. Planning. We have long standing, professional relationship with our supply chain partners who share our values and our commitment to excellent customer service.
  5. Continual Improvement. At Bardo Electrical we are constantly looking to improve our services. We welcome innovations in electrical systems and from lighting & cabling to power distribution we are always at the cutting edge of electrical systems design.

We are always happy to talk to new and existing customers about their projects and plans for the future.

More information on our comprehensive range of electrical services can be found on the Bardo Electrical Ltd website at

Bardo Electrical Ltd – Building Services Contractors